10 Best Pot For Money Tree [Buying Guide 2022]

Looking for the best pot for money tree? Look no further! We have got you covered with a list of the 10 best pot for money trees on the market. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list and find the perfect pot for money tree!

The 10 Most Recommended Pot For Money Trees:

Our 10 Best Pot For Money Tree Picks:

As we have already shared with you a list of the top pot for money tree, you should be able to pick the right one for you pretty easily. However, if you are looking for detailed description of what each product does, read on as we go one by one in detail.

1. Money Tree Soil, Soil Mix for Planting or Repotting Money...

Money Tree Soil, Soil Mix for Planting or Repotting Money...
  • Hand Blended Money Tree Soil- Hand blended soil perfect for growing money tree plants, Great for repotting or planting money trees.
  • One Gallon Bag- One gallon of money tree soil is great for planting or re-potting money trees you buy at the big box stores. This quantity of soil is enough to plant 1-2 medium money trees.
  • Great for Replacing Original Soil from the Store- Many times the soil a money tree is purchased in is slim on nutrients, and while it's okay from seedling to growth, the same dirt you buy it in, is not going to allow your money tree to grow and become large and healthy.
  • All Natural Ingredients- Peat, Bark Nuggets, Worm Casting, Perlite, and Lime. All Natural and well suited for growing your money tree.

2. Jessi Mae - Money Tree Soil - Nutrient-Rich Potting Soil for...

Jessi Mae - Money Tree Soil - Nutrient-Rich Potting Soil for...
  • ENRICH AND PROTECT your Money Tree Plant with indoor potting mix by Jessi Mae. This all-natural plant dirt promotes strong, healthy root systems through water movement, aeration and nutrient uptake.
  • WELL-DRAINING POTTING SOIL with perlite, vermiculite and peat moss keeps water moving and helps deter root rot and compaction. This quick-drying soil is suitable for succulents and money trees.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH Jessi Mae Money Tree Potting Soil for indoor plants contains compost and worm castings. These provide nitrates, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and minerals essential to plant growth.
  • HAND-BLENDED IN THE USA at our Middle Georgia facilities, Jessi Mae Money Tree Indoor Plant Soil is chemical-free and all-natural. It contains everything your houseplants need to survive and thrive.
  • VERSATILE PLANTING SOIL with superb aeration and drainage properties is ideal for many indoor trees and plants. This peat moss enriched potting soil for plants promotes slow, steady release of nutrients.

3. Just Add Ice JAI266 Money Tree, White Pot

Just Add Ice JAI266 Money Tree, White Pot
  • EASY CARE INDOOR PLANT – Just Add Ice 5” Money Tree combines five plants braided into one tree for a long-lasting indoor potted plant. These popular, easy indoor plants make a great gift and are beautiful decorative plants. Water weekly with 6 ice cubes.
  • PLANT GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS – The pachira money tree is said to bring wealth, good luck and fortune to its owners, making it a great gift for any occasion! Choose “this is a gift” at checkout to add a personalized message to your house plant gift.
  • HOME AND OFFICE PLANT DÉCOR – Add some green beauty to your home or workspace with potted plants. The 5” diameter Money Tree Plant measures approximately 5” x 5” x 15” and comes in a white textured ceramic pot, so it fits into any style décor.
  • SAFE SHIPPING - Advanced packaging technology ensures your live indoor plants arrive beautiful and safely! They ship from the greenhouse to your home, undergoing a transition process to help them adapt to fluorescent lighting so they can thrive anywhere.
  • GROWN BY EXPERTS – Just Add Ice grows over 8 million orchids each year as well as a wide variety of other potted plants. Our state-of-the-art grading system and advanced packaging methods ensure you always receive the highest quality plants.

4. Ekirlin 5 inch Plant Pot - Ceramic Flower Planters Indoor -...

Ekirlin 5 inch Plant Pot - Ceramic Flower Planters Indoor -...
  • 【Modern Minimalist Style】 Thanks to the painted gorgeously gold and gray, make your interior space more fresh, bright and full of artistic sense. This plant pot is great for your succulents and cactus, snake plant, aloe, herbs and other flower plants, expecially perfect for deep growing flowers and planter
  • 【Premium Ceramic Material】 Ekirlin plant pots are stoneware baked at high temperatures, so they can withstand extreme temperatures. Manufactured through appropriate synergy between traditional manual techniques and ergonomics, from the top to the bottom, these flower pots show elegant and natural lines
  • 【Drain Hole & Saucer Tray】 Comes with a drain hole at the bottom, which can prevents the plant pot from overwatering, promoting plants health, and help them thrive. Saucer base for catching excess water without drips, works well for keep table clean
  • 【Extensive Uses】 Design for decorate windowsill, tabletop, shelf, bedroom, kitchen, garden, office and outdoor patio, also available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • 【Brand Quality】 If there's any damage after receiving the product, we offer unconditional 100% refund to make it a pleasant shopping experience

5. 6 inch Pot - Indoor Planter Pot as Orchid Pot Snake Plant...

6 inch Pot - Indoor Planter Pot as Orchid Pot Snake Plant...
  • ✅ BEAUTIFIES HOME AND OFFICE Matte glazed hand polished indoor plant pots with drainage holes and saucers are great home decor- It comes with a mesh pad to prevent soil leakage. It is perfect partner for indoor plants for clean air.
  • ✅ LEAD AND CADMIUM SAFE. All flowers pots have been tested by a third party laboratory for lead and cadmium. Our ceramic planters for indoor plants are KID AND PET FRIENDLY.
  • ✅ STYLISH PLANT PARTNER. These flower pots with drainage and saucer are suitable as orchid pots, succulent pots and herb pots. The indoor plant pots are perfect for aloe plant, succulent plant, money tree plant and any plant indoor.
  • ✅ DELUXE AND DURABLE These ceramic plant pots are fired at high temperature making them tolerant to weather changes. This succulent planter is matte glazed and hand polished giving it a smooth and luxurious finish. Ideal as housewarming gift, birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, Mother’s Day gift etc
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS & PACKING Diameter- 6.00" outer; 5.25" inner; Height-5.75. Actual size may have small differences. Our modern planter comes in international drop proof packing. Reach us for any concerns and get an immediate solution.

6. Plants & Blooms Shop™ PB408 Money Tree, 5', White Pot

Plants & Blooms Shop™ PB408 Money Tree, 5', White Pot
  • PLANT GIFTS AND MORE - Brighten up your home, or someone’s day, with a beautiful money tree! Five pachira plants braided into one tree, it’s said to bring wealth, good luck and fortune to its owners, and makes an excellent choice for plant décor.
  • GREAT GIFT - You pick the recipient, and we’ll do the rest. Live plants are a long-lasting gift that can start a lifelong hobby, and we make it easy to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Celebrate any occasion with our plant delivery.
  • EASY CARE INDOOR PLANT – Plants and Blooms 5” Money Tree combines five plants braided into one tree for a long-lasting indoor potted plant. These popular, easy indoor plants make a great gift and are beautiful decorative plants. Water weekly with 6 ice cubes or 1/2 cup water.
  • SAFE SHIPPING – We carefully package all our live indoor plants with innovative air cell support that keeps plants safe and secure on their journey from our greenhouse to your home.
  • GROWN BY EXPERTS – Plants and Blooms Shop is your one-stop shop for beautiful greenery. Our plants are grown by experts and hand selected for your order, so you receive a high quality plant, every time. Our quality is guaranteed.

7. Arcadia Garden Products LV42 Money Tree, Live Indoor Plant...

Arcadia Garden Products LV42 Money Tree, Live Indoor Plant...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE INDOOR PLANT: Moderate light and not overwatering are the minimal care requirements
  • GROWN BY EXPERTS: With years of greenhouse experience, expert growers meticulously oversee production of this Money Tree
  • POSITIVE ENERGY: Many plant enthusiasts follow the belief that positive energy is created by the Money Tree
  • GREAT GIFT PLANT: Ideal for Grandparent’s Day, graduation, job promotion, birthdays, and other occasions
  • CAREFULLY WRAPPED: With extra attention paid to careful wrapping, this Money Tree is packaged for a safe journey

8. 9GreenBox - Money Tree Bonsai with Ceramic Pot

9GreenBox - Money Tree Bonsai with Ceramic Pot
  • BONSAI TREE – Bonsai is popularized by Japanese people as an art of growing ornamental, dwarf trees. Bonsai Plants is assumed to have the same life cycle of the normal size trees. Growing and taking care of Bonsai’s is one way to relieve stress and will develop as a good hobby. Can be a décor to your home or office. In fengshui, bonsai trees is believe to bring a good luck.
  • TAKING CARE OF BONSAI – Each Bonsai Trees has a specific care procedure. Most common reason why bonsai tree dies is over watering. Keep in mind that you need to check your bonsai tree frequently. Watering, fertilizing and repotting your tree should always be in your mind.
  • KEEPING BONSAI TREE IN SHAPE –trimming a bonsai tree comes in two ways. First is maintenance-pruning, which means you need to maintain and refine the existing shape of a Bonsai. Second is structural-pruning, which requires more rigorous pruning or trimming to give a tree its basic shape or style.
  • 9Greenbox Money Tree is a 10-12’’ inch live plant
  • Proudly hand made by 9GreenBox.

9. 8' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep...

8' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep...
  • SELF-WATERING, 2-WEEKS+ DEEP RESERVOIR: No more troublesome wicks that clog and stop working. Our patented design integrates a self-watering feature into the body of the planter. Hollow legs reach down into the reservoir to allow the soil itself to draw moisture naturally while lifting your plant above the water, keeping its delicate root system from being constantly flooded, minimizing upkeep while eliminating common problems associated with other planters and with over-watering.
  • SELF-AERATING, HIGH DRAINAGE, MINIMIZE ROOT ROT: No need to keep poking holes in your soil. Integrated into the body of the planter are additional large open slats on the bottom that are designed to maintain air circulation through the soil, minimizing the risk of root rot commonly found in more enclosed self-watering planters.
  • WATER FROM THE BOTTOM + NO MORE OVERFLOW: Each planter comes with a clip-on watering attachment (packed inside the saucer) to make it easier for you to water your more delicate plants. Fill up the deep reservoir directly instead of pouring water through the soil and guessing when to stop. Leave it on for ease of use, or clip it on when necessary to maintain a sleek modern look.
  • MINDS YOUR FLOOR AND CARPET: The bottom saucer is designed with risers that lift it away from your floor and to prevent circular water stains typical of other flat-bottomed planters.
  • SMOOTH GLOSS FINISH: UV stabilized polypropylene plastic (#5 PP) will not become brittle under the sun. The pigment is part of the plastic material, not painted on. Colors will not fade, will not peel, will not become streaked or patchy when left under the sun. 100% BPA-free.

10. Money Tree Soil Blend All Natural Soil Mixture Formulated...

Money Tree Soil Blend All Natural Soil Mixture Formulated...
  • THE PERFECT SOIL BLEND FOR MONEY TREE PLANTS - Our gritty and aerated blend of high quality all natural horticultural grade Peat Moss, Perlite, Lime, Worm Castings, and Sand makes for the perfect growth environment for your Money Tree Plant.
  • REPLACE LOW QUALITY STORE BOUGHT SOIL - Often times the original soil contained with store bought plants is low quality and nutrient slim. The original soil is often only good for to early growth stages. Our high quality specifically formulated Money Tree soil blend will allow your plants to flourish, growing large and healthy.
  • PREVENT ROOT ROT WITH APPROPRIATE DRAINAGE - Our soil blend is a sandy peat based mixture that allows for the right amount of proper drainage for your Money Tree Plant.
  • 2QT size bag perfect for potting or replanting 2-3 small or 1-2 medium plants. Packaged in a resealable bag.

Best Pot For Money Tree Buying Guide

Looking to buy a new product but not sure where to start? Check out our buying guide for the best tips and advice on what to look for when making your purchase. From features to price, we will help you figure out what is most important to you and make the process as easy as possible.

Brand Considerations

When it comes to selecting a product, the first thing you should consider is the brand. Some brands are more dependable than others, and some have just that wow factor present while some do not. You should research several brands and compare their ratings in order to come to a conclusion.

pot for money tree Price

The next thing you should consider when choosing a product is the price. Although prices will vary between different products, some are more expensive than others. You need to determine which features matter most and if they are worth the extra money. For example, if you want a pot for money tree, make sure it will serve the purpose perfectly without costing more than usual.

What is Included?

Some products come with additional items that can be useful, but some do not. You should make sure that the product you choose comes with everything it needs to be fully functional, such as batteries and chargers. Moreover, if some items are missing, you may need to go out and buy them separately. If you want all of the necessary components included in your purchase, read the list of materials carefully or ask around about what is included before making your choice.

Customer Ratings

When you are trying to determine the best product, it is important to read what customers have to say about it. Feedback can be helpful because it contains details that manufacturer websites or guides often leave out. Reading through customer ratings and reviews will allow you to get into their heads and learn how they really feel about their experience with the product.


If you are new to using a pot for money tree, it is best to choose something simple and straightforward if possible. Complex products can be intimidating to use at first, however, they are often more advanced than some simpler devices.

If you do not want anything too difficult for the first time around, consider choosing a simple pot for money tree.


Similarly, it is a good idea to choose a product that is durable. A high-quality pot for money tree will be able to take a bit of wear and tear without breaking down or being damaged in any way. If you want something that can last for a long time with regular use, look into the materials used in the design process and consider their durability and sturdiness.

Make sure the product is ultimately what you are looking for and that its features are exactly what you need before you pay for it.

Ease of Use

Lastly, when selecting a pot for money tree, you should consider how easy it is to use. A lot of people do not want to struggle with adjusting settings and understanding directions, so it is important for your product to be user-friendly. Ensure the features work properly and that they are easy to figure out on your own before buying.

Just because you are browsing through plenty of products does not mean you have to settle on the one that is just ok. There are many options, but they are all different. Make sure the product is ultimately what you are looking for and that its features are exactly what you need before you pay for it.


All pot for money trees require some level of maintenance. However, the frequency is still something to think about before you purchase. If you are someone who can not be bothered to deal with these kinds of things, look into which products are low-maintenance or completely maintenance-free.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, just about any product has both good and bad qualities that should be taken into consideration before purchase. In order to make a well-informed decision on whether or not the best pot for money tree is right for you, ask yourself these questions: What are your needs? How often will you use it? Is this item worth the price tag? etc. I hope that our review helps you find what is best for YOU!

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