Best Switch Metroidvania 2022 [On Point]

When it comes to buying products, there is no shortage of options. In fact, with the advent of online shopping, it is easier than ever to find the perfect product for your needs. So how do you know which product is the best one? Which one is worth your hard-earned money?
That is where this blog post comes in. Here, we will recommend our top choice for the best switch metroidvania. Whether you are looking for something specific or just want some general guidance, read on for our recommendations!

Our Recommendations for the Best Switch Metroidvania:

Our 10 Best Switch Metroidvania Picks:

As we have already shared with you a list of the top switch metroidvania, you should be able to pick the right one for you pretty easily. However, if you are looking for detailed description of what each product does, read on as we go one by one in detail.

1. Metroid Dread - Nintendo Switch

Metroid Dread - Nintendo Switch
  • Join Samus Aran in the first new 2D Metroid story in 19 years
  • Explore planet ZDR’s many environments as you investigate a mysterious transmission
  • Deadly E.M.M.I. robots, research machines, pose a threat more intense than ever
  • Feel Samus’ power grow as you gain maneuvers and abilities like the new Spider Magnet
  • Power up and return to previous areas to find new paths and secrets

2. Turrican Flashback - Nintendo Switch

Turrican Flashback - Nintendo Switch
  • The Legend is back! A compilation of 4 classic run 'n gun games with huge levels, endless action, and incredible soundtracks!
  • Includes turrican, turrican II, Mega turrican, and Super turrican
  • New modernized controls for intense action Replay
  • Several options to customize the experience, play in pixel-perfect mode or dynamic widescreen
  • Save states and rewind gameplay to assist you in your challenge

3. Death's Gambit: Afterlife- Definitive Edition - Nintendo...

Death's Gambit: Afterlife- Definitive Edition - Nintendo...
  • Fine-tuned combat, with a variety of movement abilities and upgrades
  • Over 20 levels to explore and discover
  • 7 classes to specialize in and tailor-fit to your gameplay style
  • 20 challenging bosses to overcome
  • 30 weapons with unique abilities for each

4. Dead Cells - Action Game of The Year - Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells - Action Game of The Year - Nintendo Switch
  • Incredible 2D souls-lite action with more than 90 weapons and spells with nonlinear gameplay.
  • Explore secret room, hidden passages, and charming landscapes. Stroll down towers and breath in that fresh sea mist infused air.
  • Build your unique play style as you combat the adrenaline pumping threat of perm death in this unique game of the year!

5. Slain: Back to Hell - Nintendo Switch

Slain: Back to Hell - Nintendo Switch
  • Challenging elemental-based Melee and magical combat.
  • Six hours of bone-crushing, metal-fueled mayhem and grisly gore.
  • Full soundtrack record Boss fights, mini-boss fights, sub-mini boss fights and macro-sub mini-boss fights. d by Curt Victor Bryant, formerly of Celtic Frost.
  • No laborious levelling, no Boss fights, mini-boss fights, sub-mini boss fights and macro-sub mini-boss fights. Tedious grinding, no wimpy crafting!
  • Boss fights, mini-boss fights, sub-mini boss fights and macro-sub mini-boss fights.

6. Alwa's Collection - Nintendo Switch

Alwa's Collection - Nintendo Switch
  • Alwa's Collection includes the two critically acclaimed modern retro games: Alwa's Awakening and Alwa's Legacy for the Nintendo Switch
  • Includes exclusive hologram sticker set featuring classic characters from both Alwa's Awakening and Alwa's Legacy
  • Discover beautiful pixel art adventures full of dangerous dungeons, mystic items and ancient secrets

7. Blue Fire (The Misadventures of Max Bowman Book 2)

Blue Fire (The Misadventures of Max Bowman Book 2)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Canfield, Joel (Author) - Kuch, George (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 400 Pages - 02/29/2016 (Publication Date) - joined at the hip worldwide (Publisher)

8. Skul: The Hero Slayer for Nintendo Switch

Skul: The Hero Slayer for Nintendo Switch
  • Explore the Demon King's Castle in this side-scrolling platformer action adventure!
  • Obtain tons of skulls that are also playable characters.
  • Go head-to-head with massive bosses corrupted with Dark Quartz and powerful beyond belief.

9. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Ultimate Edition - Nintendo...

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Ultimate Edition - Nintendo...
  • Shantae's trademark belly dance moves come to Switch with tons of added content - after completing Shantae's storyline, challenge a whole new storyline playing as One of so many other characters
  • Pirate Gear style of play returns - gear-based ability system from Shantae and the pirate's course returns to help risky boots discover new Gear to access areas in pirate queen's quest DLC expansion
  • All-new gameplay as Shantae's friends get into her head - Literally! glide through the air as Sky, or toss your own head across the level as rottytops in the friends to the end DLC expansion
  • Dress for success to challenge new stages - stick to the shadows as Ninja Shantae, soak in the Sun as Beach Shantae, or lay down the law as officer Shantae in the costume mode DLC expansion

10. Aggelos (Nintendo Switch)

Aggelos (Nintendo Switch)
  • A vast kingdom to explore - Venture through forests, seas, cave systems and ancient temples as you seek to uncover the magical elements needed to save the world from total annihilation.
  • A classical non-linear adventure - Explore a sprawling world that gradually reveals itself, Metroidvania-style, as you gain new abilities and equipment.
  • Deadly encounters - Thwart towering bosses and their tricky minions as you take on perilous mainline quests and optional odd-jobs for the people of Lumen.
  • Tactical depth - Unlock magical abilities and high-level attacks, expertly chaining these immense powers together to clear screens of enemies in seconds.
  • Stunning sprite art - Forget out-of-place modern art: Aggelos boasts superlative character designs and animations while remaining proudly, and faithfully, 16-bit through and through..Memorable chiptunes - Lose yourself to a retro-inspired soundtrack that floods the Kingdom of Lumen with life.

Best Switch Metroidvania Buyers Guide

As a buyer, you want to be confident that the products you purchase are of good quality and worth the price. In this buying guide, we will provide tips on how to make informed decisions when shopping for switch metroidvanias. From product research to price comparisons, we will cover it all!

Brand Considerations

When it comes to selecting a product, the first thing you should consider is the brand. Some brands are more dependable than others, and some have just that wow factor present while some do not. You should research several brands and compare their ratings in order to come to a conclusion.

switch metroidvania Price

The next thing you should consider when choosing a product is the price. Although prices will vary between different products, some are more expensive than others. You need to determine which features matter most and if they are worth the extra money. For example, if you want a switch metroidvania, make sure it will serve the purpose perfectly without costing more than usual.

What is Included?

Some products come with additional items that can be useful, but some do not. You should make sure that the product you choose comes with everything it needs to be fully functional, such as batteries and chargers. Moreover, if some items are missing, you may need to go out and buy them separately. If you want all of the necessary components included in your purchase, read the list of materials carefully or ask around about what is included before making your choice.

Customer Ratings

When you are trying to determine the best product, it is important to read what customers have to say about it. Feedback can be helpful because it contains details that manufacturer websites or guides often leave out. Reading through customer ratings and reviews will allow you to get into their heads and learn how they really feel about their experience with the product.


If you are new to using a switch metroidvania, it is best to choose something simple and straightforward if possible. Complex products can be intimidating to use at first, however, they are often more advanced than some simpler devices.

If you do not want anything too difficult for the first time around, consider choosing a simple switch metroidvania.


Similarly, it is a good idea to choose a product that is durable. A high-quality switch metroidvania will be able to take a bit of wear and tear without breaking down or being damaged in any way. If you want something that can last for a long time with regular use, look into the materials used in the design process and consider their durability and sturdiness.

Make sure the product is ultimately what you are looking for and that its features are exactly what you need before you pay for it.

Ease of Use

Lastly, when selecting a switch metroidvania, you should consider how easy it is to use. A lot of people do not want to struggle with adjusting settings and understanding directions, so it is important for your product to be user-friendly. Ensure the features work properly and that they are easy to figure out on your own before buying.

Just because you are browsing through plenty of products does not mean you have to settle on the one that is just ok. There are many options, but they are all different. Make sure the product is ultimately what you are looking for and that its features are exactly what you need before you pay for it.


All switch metroidvanias require some level of maintenance. However, the frequency is still something to think about before you purchase. If you are someone who can not be bothered to deal with these kinds of things, look into which products are low-maintenance or completely maintenance-free.

Final Words

Durability, longevity, and price are the most important factors in purchasing a new product. I hope this guide helped you to make an informed decision on what best switch metroidvania is right for your needs.

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